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 Whilst giving you a great track to add to your music collection, the emphasis of this promotion is to invite people into our personal network who would like to have the opportunity to grow with us and be a part of something that has the potential to end up being its own thing!.. Join us in what we think is the way forward for anyone wishing to actually progress in music, from label to diehard raver!..

We at this label are under no illusions, we are aware we are representative of the populous who are 'trying' to 'get somewhere' in the music scene nowadays. Whether you are a Dj, Producer, Vocalist, raver or anything else in the dance scene, most of us have one big thing in common.. We all seem to find ourselves in it for the love!.. This is not by chance, nor does it have to be the state in which we have to remain!..

We are attempting to create a place for  people who would like to feel that they are actually a part of something.. We feel by joining together, we all have a better chance to progress..

If all the people that fell into this category joined together, we would have our OWN scene! One where those involved would feel they are growing with.. Not watching grow..

If good times, good people and good music sounds like your thing.. We want you in our gang!"


Since our conception in 2010 we have gained support from Dj's such as:

  • A-Sides - Andy C - Ashattak - AK1200 (USA) - Ben&Lex - The Brookes brothers - Concrete (DiverseFM) - Dj Chef (Kool fm) - Danny Wheeler - FreeRange Dj's - The Freestylers - Freq Nasty - Dj Garry K (Random Concept) - Hamilton (Ram) - Dj Icey (USA) - Johnaton Swan (K mag) - Kenny Ken - Komatic (Techniclour & Komaitic) - Mobius (NSB) - Mutated Forms - Muffler (Hospital recs) - N3GUS (Hospital recs) - Ruffsuff (KoolFM/V recs) - Dj Phantasy - Random Movement - Sacsha Bassface - Sappo (Manchester) - Savage Rehab (V recs) - Vapour (36 Hertz recs).. The list goes on..

  • With radio airtime coverage from: BBC 1xtra - BBC Introducing - BassDrive - DB9radio - Kool FM - NSB - Rough Tempo  - After dark radio to name a few.

  • Nominated for best new label 2012 at the internationally recognised Breaks-poll awards.

  • Co-owned and run by Ex Suburban Base, Ram Records, Bingo Beats, Frequency Records Artist - 'Special A'

So, what are you waiting for?

If you're into the idea of being a part of a like minded community and potentially creating movement for yourself within what you are doing as a person involved in dance music and/or you are a follower of the 'underground' dance music scene..  Simply fill in the details requested to receive your gift of an EXCLUSIVE track and the chance to.. belong.. For more information on what we represent please visit the 'about' page on our website.

Here is a genuine opportunity for you to really be a part of something that truly is 'by the people for the people' Without your involvement and interaction we really would not be able to keep on doing what we do. We have been working hard to bring things to a point where we can all have a place to congregate that should in time, be a network of people all looking to improve and increase what they are currently doing through the power of direct networking with other parties interested in the same ethos as us.
We invite you to sign up to receive your exclusive track and to join us on our quest to unite those of us who wish to be a part of a 'way of thinking' that is derived from real experience on a high level, that has deep meaning, with true intention.

If we don't do something for ourselves, it's not  going to get done!.. 

What have you got to loose?

We see this as the best way for us to be connected and to be in a position to build a 'relationship' that reaches beyond social networking platforms. We feel that in order for us to grow & evolve as an independent label in todays current climate, we need to develop our own 'tribe' of like minded warriors who enjoy a good laugh & a good party and understand what we represent & what we are attempting to do as a label.. If this sounds like you, you can best support us by getting involved today.. Its a family thing!..

Big Love